"After hearing the song for the 1st time, I loved it so much that..."
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"The song helped magnify the impact beyond measure when..."
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"Tiamo is a world class songwriter! The song has been an amazing, amazing gift because..."
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"I listen to my song and I think, Damn! I'm a ROCKSTAR! I can create anything I want..."
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"You are freakin' BRILLIANT! Every time I hear my song, I love it even more because..."
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"OMG, what a wonderful experience Tiamo! I keep listening to the song and I keep crying..."
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"I am not often surprised, less often deeply touched. Both happened when..."
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Custom Song Testimonials

"The custom love song that Tiamo wrote for my wife is something that she'll treasure forever. Her initial response to it was 'this is the best thing anyone has ever given me'!"
-S.L., San Diego

"The song that Tiamo wrote for my boyfriend and I was absolutely breathtaking. He put into music and words everything I was feeling and wanting to say, but didn't know how."
-L.M., Phoenix

"I was tired of getting my wife predictable, routine gifts for Valentine's Day. I needed something that would blow her away this year. Tiamo's song literally brought her to tears of gratitude."
-M.S., Toronto

"When I gave the song to my Mom for Christmas, she just couldn't believe it--and neither could my siblings! The whole family choked up when we listened to it."
-B.C., Las Vegas

"I feel like every single word in the song belonged just to us. How Tiamo was able to fit our story in a 4 minute song, I'll never know. It was a masterpiece!"
-D.K., Baltimore

"My husband and I have listened to our song over and over again. Our entire family, our friends, everybody has heard it! I mean, what couple do you know that has their own original song?!"
-C.W., Omaha

"We got our daughter a custom song for her high school graduation and downloaded it onto her iPod. She was shocked! We became the most popular parents around."
-K.E., Dallas


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If you would like to hire Tiamo for your event, contact:

France Barringer
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If you would like to have Tiamo perform at your venue or event, call or send an email to:

France Barringer
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