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Byron Katie

"Dearest Tiamo, much love and gratitude for the work you do in the world!"

-Byron Katie, best-selling author of "Loving What Is"

John Assaraf

"Tiamo is a world class songwriter and recording artist! What an amazing, amazing gift!"
-John Assaraf from "The Secret", speaker-author

Christian Mickelsen

Tiamo is a musical genius and a living miracle! His energy and songs always transform my seminar rooms into a feeling of PURE MAGIC!

-Christian Mickelsen, Coaching Industry Leader and best selling author

Sean Stephenson

“The greatest of musicians to have ever inspired, uplifted, and motivated me is award-winning singer/songwriter Tiamo De Vettori. He captures human emotion in his songs better than anyone I’ve ever seen or heard!”
-Sean Stephenson, Speaker-Author-TV Personality

Anastasia Netri

“OMG I love your songs! I'M GOING TO LISTEN TO THEM EVERY DAY! You are so talented! Thank you sooooo much Tiamo. You have made such a difference in my life. Your music makes people feel alive, it raises their energy, helps them stand in possibilities, and makes it easier for us to do the scary things in this world. It makes me feel good and helps me believe in myself. I can’t thank you enough!”
-Anastasia Netri, Marketing/Messaging Expert-Speaker-Coach

Eli Call

“I’m listening to your new album right now and I was so moved that it brought tears to my eyes—flowing tears. I can’t imagine how many thousands of other people you have touched with this and who will be touched. Can I just say, WOW, I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! Thank you for your music and message that has helped me accomplish my dream of helping great people achieve THEIR dreams!”
-Eli Call, Philanthropist-Oxford University Professor-Real Estate Trainer

Allana Pratt

“What a blessing for my heart to be cracked wide open right away at the event with your live music. Wow, it really allowed me to receive the guidance and be vulnerable in my authenticity. I am ready to have the life I dream of! I am grateful to you for sharing your gift, and I thank you for affirming my value through your music. Your lyrics landed straight in my heart.”
-Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert-Speaker

Video Fanimonial

"Tiamo has broken through a totally new level in his career by creating an experience for audiences that's more than entertainment. He uses music to inspire, motivate, and push people to the next level of change in their lives." If the video does not appear or play in your browser, play it here.

Mary Tan

“Tiamo’s concert that I hosted was incredible! Just thinking about it brings me back to that moment of feeling the electrifying source of life get triggered by each utterance of this gifted artist as he performed. It is a memory that I will keep in my heart forever.”
-Mary Tan, Super Fan

Trista Koch

“Wow Tiamo! I absolutely love your music and am so grateful for all the goose bumps, tears, energy, and connection that your performance evoked. You're amazing!”
-Trista Koch, Grief Coach-Speaker-Trainer

Mariposa Leona

“Tiamo, I am so happy to have this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to you.  Your song "Butterfly" is helping me beyond what I can express in words. From the moment my friend shared it with me as a precious soul blessing, "Butterfly" has been a Messenger of Spirit for me. As of this moment, I have played it 497 times! Tiamo, thank you for Being a Vessel of Divine Love, Truth and Wisdom. I want to spread the word of the power of your music!”
-Mariposa Leona, Super Fan

Bhagavan Bauer

“Tiamo, I just wanted to let you know how much your music is touching my life. I love, love the message in the songs. My kids and I listen to a few of the songs almost every day, and sing along, and dance and have so much fun! Yesterday, I listened to a few of the songs before a live event I gave and it really made a difference in getting me connected and opening my heart. Thank you for living the lyrics and the joy you continue to bring to my life.”
-Bhagavan Bauer, Parenting Expert-Coach-Trainer

Jeanna Gabellini

“Tiamo’s music immediately makes me smile and dance (as well as everyone else who hears it). And whenever I need to rev up my mojo about my business, I listen to it and I think, "Damn! I'm a ROCKSTAR! I can create anything I want!"  Tiamo's songs boost me into high vibes on so many levels. I even sent out his CD to all my top joint venture partners as a surprise gift!
-Jeanna Gabellini, Business Success Coach-Trainer

Video Fanimonial

"Tiamo's performance was so powerful! Everybody was practically in tears, in laughter, and in joy. He creates an energy in the room that automatically helps people feel more connected, bonded, and excited about your content!" If the video does not appear or play in your browser, play it here.

Dale Bach

“Wow Tiamo!!!! I love your music and videos! You have such a beautiful heart and amazing talent. Your work touched me deeply as it made me laugh and cry. I have sent your music to many of my friends as an inspiration to lift them up. Please add me to your community as I would love to support you in getting your music out!”
-Dale Bach, Spiritual Practitioner-Intuitive Counselor

Aurora Velasco Jones

“Dude! How much am I loving your CD right now?!?! OMG. I can't even handle how much I love the songs on your new album like Perfectly Imperfect, Infinity, Inside of Me, The God in You, Butterfly, and it goes on. And, I'm so glad you included the commentary tracks. It really connects us to the meaning of the songs and makes them that much more impactful. Incredible!”
-Aurora Velasco Jones, Super Fan

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

“Your songs are so beautiful and pull at my heart as they encourage, inspire, and uplift me. They even help me see my own value. Thank you for the gift of your music!”
-Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice-Coach-Trainer

Clinton Young

“Tiamo’s songs are such an inspiration! His music, his message, and his spirit are super conscious and positive, while each having their own unique ROCKIN' flavor! In gratitude for your gift Tiamo!”
-Clinton Young, Speaker-Trainer

Nancy Juetten

“Tiamo, you are so talented, gifted, and your music is awe inspiring to me! You are changing the world with song!"
-Nancy Juetten, Publicity Expert

Tristan Truscott

“I always love listening to your heart share its love for life and people through your music. You are walking a beautiful path and have written some truly Soulful original songs that always bring me back to why we are here. I also love the gorgeous song that you wrote for John Assaraf and his wife that you performed for them! Thank you, Tiamo!”
-Tristan Truscott, Mind-Body-Spirit Expert-Speaker-Trainer

Lisa Cherney

"Tiamo, thank you for your AMAZING contribution to my event “Be Juicy! 6-Figures On Your Terms”. You helped magnify the impact beyond measure! Your songs and stories deeply connected with my audience and transcended my message in a way that was so inspiring for everyone! Most of all, the original custom song J.U.I.C.Y. that you wrote, produced, and then performed live was such a thrilling surprise for the participants and an unforgettable highlight from my event! We were able to rock out and it's stuck in everyone's head forever!  Plus I can use it in my marketing in tons of ways. Thank you Tiamo for helping us create such a unique experience!"
–Lisa Cherney, The Juicy Marketing Expert

Video Fanimonial

"The first time I heard Tiamo, I thought 'who IS this guy?!' It was the first time that I heard real, transformational music that came from an extremely talented artist. There's an energy behind Tiamo's music that is infectious!" If the video does not appear or play in your browser, play it here.


Kevin Cole

“I just finished up an incredibly powerful Grief Breakthrough Session with one of my students and I have to give thanks to such a talented musician, Tiamo De Vettori, for allowing me to use his incredible song "Be The Change" as a very, very powerful anchor for my student’s transformational experience that they can listen to and remember this day for the rest of their life! Thank you Tiamo!”
-Kevin Cole, NLP Expert-Coach-Trainer

Leslie Harris

“I was so excited when you played last week at Christian Mickelsen’s live event! Your music really energizes people to action, and I experienced that for myself.  It’s like the e-motion that you evoke leads to motion.  It was tangible. Thank you Tiamo!”
-Leslie Harris, Business Coach

Jerry Conti

“Tiamo is an extraordinary musical talent who has a love for life, people, and humanity. He is truly authentic, his story is compelling, and he has taken the right course of action—not the easy, unconscious path to success in the music industry. He is a true conscious artist and a gifted performer!”
-Jerry Conti, Founder/CEO of Compassion Happens-Philanthropist

Don Wall

“Seeing you perform live at the HeartPath event in Sedona was amazing! I've been listening to your CDs over and over since we got back. I just wanted you to know that your integrity, songwriting, and your sense of humor are so appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you perform live again!”
-Don Wall, Super Fan


“Tiamo is a great Singer/Songwriter that has a gift for connecting with his audience like a Master. He is a true trailblazer who I am certain the world will know more of in the very near future!”
–Fiz, Singer/Songwriter-Author

Ian Dyason

“Tiamo is an ultra talented singer/songwriter as I have seen him perform live and I can vouch for his talent and effect on people. More importantly, Tiamo has very unique stories that he tells during his motivational sessions. He tells them using his songs and his powerful story-telling skills. All in all, he can help create a very powerful event for any company that is fortunate enough to book him!”
-Ian Dyason, Business Coach

Sylvia M.

Thank you for all the beautiful energy you brought to the seminar room with your heart, your music, and your talent!
–Sylvia M., Super Fan

Custom Songs by Tiamo

Do you want to give someone you love a gift that is truly original, heart-felt, and personalized? Then give them a custom love song, created by Tiamo, for any occasion including anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.



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