So often in my life, I have been inspired by songs and music that not only reached me, but on occasion, changed me. Yet, there are times where I have felt somewhat unfilled because I wanted to know more about the song and the artist. Why did they write it, when, and where? What?s it about and who? What secrets exist within the song? There are so many juicy intricacies within song that I have always been fascinated with. The times that I have discovered the less than obvious meaning of songs, they created deeper meaning with me and a special connection with the person who wrote it.

So now that I?m the artist and you?re the audience, I thought I?d share what my songs are really about and invite you to get know me a little better. It?s possible that we may never meet or speak, but know that you are the reason for my creative energy. I write these songs hoping that someone out there absorbs them and can turn to my music when they need a friend or companion. Whether for laughter or deep reflection, I hope my songs and performances reach your center. Better yet, I would love it if they compel you to make the world better in your own way. Thank you for being the inspiration behind the inspiration.

For those who have cheered for me and believed in me along the way, this could not be done without you. The end of this book contains notes of appreciation that I call the Tiamo ?Hall of Fame? (click on the acknowledgements box at the top of this page) for those who have impacted me and that I perhaps otherwise, couldn?t recognize in print on my ?Back to Love? CD. I hope you enjoy discovering more about the songs and the source from which they started. At the same time, I encourage you to be imaginative and create your own definitions and meanings behind my music as they relate to your life.

Good vibes,

Note: Songs appear in album order. The last 6 songs are a part of my unreleased collection that are available via my fan club.

Home Team

This song is about support and simply being there for a significant other when they really need you. While writing this song, I pictured myself on tour, alone in a hotel room, thinking of a ?hypothetical girlfriend? and the simple things we do that so beautifully and simply make us??us.? I can see myself getting gobbled up with shows and public appearances, yet never forgetting who I am and the love I share with someone?even when I?m not physically there with them.

I believe it?s possible for two people to be more connected in separate countries than two people who are sitting right in front of each other. I have felt this and remember the amazing feeling that comes with dropping everything for someone when they call for you.

When You Walked By

Once in a great while, a woman will walk by me that has a gravitating energy that sucks me into that one moment. As if everything around me is standing still but her. Perhaps it?s her physical beauty, body language, the sound of her voice, a subtle brush of her scent, or just her vibe. Whatever it is, these moments last for seconds but feel like big chunks of time. Before you can catch your breath, she?s gone, and you?re left wondering, ?What if I said something to her? Would the rest of my life be totally different??

This song is more like a story. A brief story of an imaginative someone who runs into these timeless moments and is left always regretting not having the courage to just walk up to ?her? and introducing himself. After these ?missed opportunities? throughout his life, he finally seizes one of these rare, timeless moments, and it just flows. It comes so naturally. In time, gratefulness overcomes him and he recognizes that perhaps there?s a reason why he never had the courage to introduce himself before. Had he, he may never have met the love of his life. Perhaps this explains why there are times when we are more courageous than others?

Back to Love

This song asks the question, ?How do we return to love?? So often, we become lost in the murky waters of self-protection, fear, jealousy, and anger that cause us to get off the path of unconditional love. It?s as if a ?love map? has been intrinsically given to us, yet after some life experience, we scribble all over it and can no longer read the print. Do babies and dogs have this problem? As humans, we are great at conditioning ourselves out of pure love and acceptance.

This song was written in both a general and specific sense. It?s also about the ?post-break up? phase that many of us have gone through. This is the period where you have convinced yourself that you?ve officially had it with dating and relationships. No more ¾ you?re through. Of course, that is until the next one comes along. So, here you are, dating again. ?This one?s an exception,? you say and now you?re really armored with layers of protection from potential ?love wounds.? Is it possible to avoid generalizing and entering new relationships without fear based attachments to the past? I believe so, and though I haven?t mastered this myself, I believe that if we ?un-train? ourselves, we can all get ?back to love.?

Love Karma

I remember having a huge crush on a girl in eighth grade who wouldn?t go out with me because I wasn?t as ?popular? as she would have liked. Instead of feeling down about this, I realized that it would be her loss and fantasized about her ?wanting me back? when I became older and famous. At that point, I would brush her off and remind her of her superficial decision made back in eighth grade.

From a broader perspective, I have always cared for people as if the tables were turned. This song is a reminder to love people for ?who they are? not ?what they are.? If you choose the latter, it might come back to bite you. Especially if it?s me.


While a lot of my songs are an extension of who I am, I believe this song goes furthest in explaining my core. On the outside, I have been perceived to be a lot of things; fun, carefree, jovial, entertaining, etc. Yet, underneath it all, I am carried by my ever-expanding spirituality.

I wrote this song so I could relay to people the powerful connection I feel with the universe and how indeed, I feel we have the power to create our own realties. I believe the universe to be friendly and all-providing should we consciously choose to retrieve from it?s abundance. This song is not about conversion and you won?t find religious undertones. It?s just about the energy that?s all around and how to get along with it. I believe that we are spirits having a human experience and the more we can reattach to where we came from, the more enlightenment and joy we?ll have.


Anyone who knows me well knows that I?m crazy about lighthouses. I wrote this song in Virginia in the spring of 2000 when I first started writing. At this point, I wanted to create a song that was a metaphor for the importance of allowing ourselves to be inspired. This parallels the time when I was a waiter in Virginia and my good friend, Ray, pushed me into buying a guitar and exploring my songwriting talents that I didn?t know I had.

Often times, we?re lost in darkness and we need some light to give us direction. However, sometimes this light is provided, yet we either don?t see it or we?re simply not looking. This song is about breaking out of indifference and allowing yourself to be led?so you can soon lead.

Unrelated Siblings

This song is a celebration of friendship. There are so many songs out there about ?falling in love? or ?breaking up?. What about a good ?buddy? song? I wrote this song for Melissa or ?Peanut? as I refer to her. Melissa is a dear friend of mine who is the younger sister of Gretchen (see ?Love in a Cafeteria?). Sometimes, I feel like ?Peanut? is the younger sibling I never had.

Often times in life, we are very connected to people who may not be ?related? to us, though it feels like they are. This is the same reason why I think of my step-dad as ?Dad?. You see, while I think that blood relation is very significant, perhaps more significant is the connectedness we have with people without labels. Is it possible to have such a good friend in your life that you consider a ?brother? or ?sister?? I believe so and I am grateful to have experienced it with a number of great friends in my life. This song?s not just for ?Peanut?, but all of ?my people? out there who have been considered family to me.

Let's Get Naked

Having spent my summers in Italy growing up, I remember thinking about how silly it was that American?s got so worked up over nudity when it was far less alien in Europe. Nudity wasn?t thought of as something ?bad? or ?evil? in Italy, just beautiful and natural. In my case, I saw women?s bodies as perfect and pure artwork. I liked that way of thinking as it made me feel comfortable about sexuality growing up.

I don?t believe that we should be walking around in the streets naked, but I do believe that we were born that way for a reason. This song is meant to be sarcastic and to tell everyone to just relax. We all think about sex, but try cover it up. I choose to just laugh at our paranoia and be okay with our external selves. It?s our minds that lead us astray, not our bodies.

Into the Rain

This song was written for my dear friend Sean, who is a professional speaker in the field of personal growth. During some of his speeches, he talks about a special date that he was once on. It wasn?t necessarily the person that made it special, but the breakthrough that occurred.

After exiting the movie theatre on their date, the two had walked up to a roadside curb and noticed a quaint caf across the street. Sean wanted to take her there for good post- movie conversation, yet there was one problem. It was raining and his date didn?t want to cross the street because she was worried about what other people might think about her wet hair. My friend, being the positive risk taker that he is, saw a perfect opportunity to run through the rain and create an exhilarating and memorable experience. What a great ?date moment? that would be! Yet, after a few attempts to persuade her to take this small leap, she remained persistent upon staying where she?d be sheltered. Not everyone is made to run carefree in the rain, but what my friend had realized at that moment was that he wanted a girl that was.

Having lived a life of many challenges and obstacles due to his physical condition, Sean often times felt discriminated against in the relationship department. Yet, this date helped him realize that he, too, should be selective about who he dates because of all that he has to offer. Go get ?em Sean.

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