With an acoustic guitar, unforgettable stories, a captivating singing voice, a charismatic stage presence, and original songs that inspire to the core, Tiamo is a Motivational Keynote Speaker who creates an experience so unique and dynamic that his audiences are ignited to take action every time! This is more than your everyday keynote. This is a "Keynote Concert," where Tiamo’s powerful speech COMBINED with his live concert create a memorable experience that will stand out as the highlight of your event!

Whether you’re a famous production studio like ABC Studios and the Jimmy Kimmel Show who hired Tiamo to inspire their employees, a corporate giant like Hewlett-Packard, the biggest university system in the U.S. like the California State University state-wide campuses, or so many other companies and schools who have booked him, having Tiamo on your stage is so empowering for seminar participants not just during the event, but well after


Not only is Tiamo L.A. Music Award's "Singer/Songwriter of the Year" and San Diego's "Best Songwriter", but he has motivated and spoken to over 70,000 people at seminars, conferences, colleges, and corporate trainings around the country. Tiamo has shared the stage with #1 best-selling authors and speaker icons Les Brown, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eckker, Joe Polish, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, Loral Langemeier, Lisa Sasevich, Christian Mickelsen, Sean Stephenson, Bill Baren, Ted McGrath, and many others! Tiamo has also been featured on FOX, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC.

With the success that Tiamo has had, he now leads his own sold out seminars for speakers and artists as part of his training company, Fearless Speaker Academy.

Find out more on this page and view Tiamo's clients, keynote concert video montage (see below), and testimonials from seminar leaders, CEOs, and audience participants!

Video Reel

Watch video clips of Tiamo's Keynote Concerts infusing motivational speaking, live music, and custom songs! If the video does not appear or play in your browser, play the video montage here and the "be the change" story here

What Are Tiamo's Keynote Concerts Like?

PSpeaking Lisa Cherney event 1icture the audience at the edge of their seats as Tiamo moves deeper into his heart-wrenching story about what made him walk away from the music industry broken and dispirited, only to emerge with an unshakable confidence, purpose, innovation, committment, and tenacity that led him to reach his biggest dreams! Then...

Tiamo breaks out his acoustic guitar and sings his original song "Freedom Day" that sends a ripple of chills over the crowd as they become instantly inspired to overcome any adversity in their life!

The Lesson?

Never quit, just find a different way. When you come from courage and create a new path, opportunities show up in ways that you never had the vision to see before. Your path will be illuminated the moment you make the decision you've been avoiding. What have you been avoiding, how can you face it head on, and what action will you take today that could change your life forever?


Tiamo shares his signature "Becky" story about a life-changing experience he had with a homeless woman and how we can turn ordinary every day moments into extraordinary events when we listen to our hearts and take action. Tiamo then launches into his song "Be The Change" as a wave of emotion and inspiraton fills the audience, guiding everyone to unleash the greatest version of themselves out into the world!  

The Take-Away?
Opportunities to touch peoples' lives are all around us. Imagine what would happen if people opened their eyes to this in the workplace every day and how this would impact customer service, teamwork, leadership, performance, and company culture. The ripple effect of this transcends the customer experience, which makes all the difference in loyalty, retention, referrals, happiness, and success for customers, students, and volunteers.

Sean 10K Live 1 resizedAnd For The Peak Moment...
Tiamo reveals his biggest fears from the past, exactly HOW he's overcome them, and how YOU can conquer your fears when you follow his 3-step "Fear Freedom Formula"!

The Shift?
Fear is the only thing in the world that gets smaller as you run toward it. When you know HOW to control and dissolve your fears using Tiamo's formula, you will permanently end all self-sabotage that shows up in your life in the form of procrastination, indecision, lack of  motivation, money struggles, and poor performance.

Going Out On Fire...
The crowd jumps up, sings along, and dances to Tiamo's final song where he gets the audience involved to the point of no return! Everyone is up on their feet and the event has just been transformed. What next? A whole bunch of people ready to own their success!!

Topics Covered

Below are topics that Tiamo customizes for company and school events. Click on his speaker sheet image to view in full.

  1. The Adversity Advantage:
    Adversity causes people to break, others to breakthrough. Discover the 5 hidden distinctions and how positive risks lead to positive shifts in performance and profit. Outcomes: Increased performance, results, profit.

  2. The 5 New Models of Leadership:
    There are leaders within every organization that are being overlooked because they don't fit the traditional stereotype. Discover the 5 new leadership models that cultivate individual strengths and turn your dimmest lights into shining stars. Outcomes: Improved leadership, innovation, culture.

  3. The Fear Freedom Formula:
    Procrastination, indecision, and apathy dress up as fear. Learn the 3 steps to overcoming fear, doubt, and insecurity so that confidence becomes your natural state and success becomes habit. Outcomes: Increased self-motivation, productivity, performance.

  4. Service With Purpose:
    Few companies are widely known for their elite customer service. Discover the 4 levels of customer service with purpose that lead to raving 5-star customer reviews. Outcomes: Improved customer experience, reviews, retention.


Below is a partial list of companies, organizations, and institutions that have hired Tiamo to inspire their employees, clients, seminar participants, and students for their events:

*Booked 2-4 times
**Booked 5 times or more

ABC Studios (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Sharp Health Care (15,000 employees at event)
*Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Inspiration 2020 Global Success Conference (Shared the stage with T. Harv Eker)
Ultimate Millionaire Summit (Loral Langemeier event)
*The Big Shift Experience (Bill Baren event)
**Extraordinary Coach: Training and Certification (Christian Mickelsen event)
*Excellerated Business Schools: Money & You
Attract Customers Now (Bret Gregory event)
Women’s Information Network International Conference (Shared the stage with Les Brown and Lisa Nichols)
*Passive Income Product Empire (Shared the stage with Dan Millman and Brian Tracy)
San Diego County, All-Staff Event (1,500 employees)
Inspired Speaker Training (Ted McGrath event)
Income Builder’s International Conference
American International Real Estate Expo & Conference
Joint Venture Experience (Shared the stage with Lisa Sasevich)
Speak to Sell (Lisa Sasevich event)
The Secret Knock (Greg Reid and Napoleon Hill Foundation event)
*Message 2 Millions (Ted McGrath event)
PAX Programs Incorporated: Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women
Association of Colleges for Tutoring & Learning Assistance Convention
*University of California San Diego
University of California Santa Cruz
*San Diego State University
*University of San Diego
**California State University San Marcos
*University of Arizona
Arizona State University
University of South Carolina
Virginia Commonwealth University
Bastyr University
*57 high schools in the U.S.
*Raise Your Standards Now Seminar (Sean Stephenson event)
10K Speeches (Sean Stephenson event)
**Nouveau Riche University of Real Estate
*Be Juicy! 6 Figures On Your Terms (Lisa Cherney event)
**Coaching Business Freedom Retreat (Christian Mickelsen event)
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities National Conference
Conscious Women Entrepreneurs (Sage Levine event)
Sold Out Seminar Secrets (Max Simon event)
*Here and Now Success Convention
General Dynamics Information Technology
Greybill Medical Group
*Get Clients Today
Cracking The Confidence Code (Brandy Mychals event)
**Joint Venture Partnership Summit

Testimonials - CEOs, Event Planners, & Seminar Leaders

“I wasn’t sure how well it would work out to bring Tiamo in for my biggest conference of the year. I heard great things about him, but never saw him live and this was a very important event.

I decided to take a chance and I have to say that the event wouldn’t have been the same without him! His energy and Keynote Concert transformed the room into a feeling of PURE MAGIC. I kept saying, "WOW, I'm so happy I went with Tiamo!" Since then...

I've had Tiamo perform at 15 different events over the last few years. Book him while you can. I'm always disappointed if I'm hosting an event and he's already committed on my dates. Now, I'm locking him in 6 months in advance or more to make sure we don't miss out!"

— Christian Mickelson, CEO of Coaches with Clients

"Before, I was looking for an extra “something” to make my public seminar series in Chicago over-the-top unforgettable. Yet, I have to admit that I am extra selective about who I share my stage with. But, once I hired Tiamo, he added an emotional dimension to my seminar that launched it into an all out “motivational rock concert” and provided the exact outcome I was looking for! In fact, even after the seminar was over, the crowd stayed longer just so they could hear more from Tiamo!

Since then, I’ve hired Tiamo to speak and perform at all my other events, including a private event for Jimmy Kimmel and his ABC production staff in Hollywood that was a massive success. Tiamo captures human emotion in his songs better than anyone I've ever seen or heard. Then, with his stories and lessons that tie in with them, he just crushes it! Now, I'm not just a huge fan of Tiamo, I'm also a corporate consumer of his talent—commissioning his writing abilities to create 3 meaningful musical pieces that I now use in my speeches and business endevours.

The downside to Tiamo is you won't be able to decide if he is a better speaker, singer, or songwriter because he rocks all angles so hard. Tiamo is your man!"

— Sean Stephenson, CEO of Time to Stand, Speaker-Author-TV Personality

"Tiamo, thank you for your AMAZING Keynote Concert at my live event "Be Juicy! 6-Figures On Your Terms"! You helped magnify the impact beyond measure! Your songs, stories, and motivational speaking deeply connected with my audience and transcended the event’s message in a way that was so inspiring for everyone! Plus, the original custom song that you wrote, produced, and performed live was such a thrilling surprise for the participants and an unforgettable highlight from the event! We were able to rock out and it's stuck in everyone's head forever! Thank you Tiamo for helping us create such a unique experience! I can't wait to have you back a 4th time!"

— Lisa Cherney, CEO of Conscious Marketing, Inc.

Speak 10K resized
"Tiamo deeply touched many hearts at our international convention. Our audience fell in love with him! Tiamo is so talented, gracious, easy-to-work-with and filled with love for his audience. He's a 5-Star Speaker and Performer and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for genuine talent and a compelling, heartwarming performance. Tiamo, you are such a bright light in this world!"

— Paula Fellingham, CEO of The Women's Information Network (WIN), The WIN International Conference

"Tiamo was our Keynote Speaker at our leadership conference where he inspired our student leaders to reach beyond their limits to effectively lead their student groups. Tiamo's energy was so contagious and the students are still talking about the impact that he had on their leadership approach and way of perceiving life! He is a very gifted and loving soul who is able to spread his light across generations, races, cultures!"

— Shannon Nolan, Event Coordinator, Student Life and Leadership, California State University, San Marcos

"I invited Tiamo to my stage of 100+ Women Entrepreneurs because he inherently knows how to weave his teachings about how to be an effective public speaker, a great storyteller, and a powerful performer into a delivery packed session with amazing songs and a healing experience for the entire room. The women were BLOWN away! They loved him, they're begging me to have him return, and I saw an increase in sales as a result of his positioning of my program and honoring of my clients. Now THAT is a WIN-WIN. Thank you Tiamo!!"

— Sage Levine, CEO of Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

Testimonials - Seminar Participants

"Tiamo’s presentation was so touching, inspiring, informative, and absolutely motivational! What I liked most was his ability to speak without coming across as “preachy” or “judgmental”. Tiamo’s warmth and graciousness made the audience extremely receptive to him and his message.

Then, Tiamo played his guitar and sang his song “Into the Rain” and it was THE PERFECT song to sing—about taking chances, and not living in fear or self-doubt. Afterward, I felt like I could take on the world!

—Mila G., Vista CA

"I cannot tell you how talented, dynamic, and inspiring Tiamo just have to experience it for yourself. Not only did he totally engage the audience, but he also gave us such practical wisdom that we can all use to enhance the quality of our lives both professionally and personally.

Honestly, I loved Tiamo's message, but when he broke out the guitar and sang those songs on top of it, I was just really moved. I left the event not only feeling motivated and entertained all in one, but with great notes that I plan to refer to in making some serious changes in my life. A few weeks or months from now, if there’s anything I will remember from this event, it will be Tiamo’s keynote concert !”

—John N., Del Mar CA

“Tiamo’s performance was incredible! Just thinking about it brings me back to that moment of feeling the electrifying source of life get triggered by each utterance of this gifted artist as he spoke and performed. It is a memory that I will keep in my heart forever.”

—Mary H., Los Angeles CA

Custom Songs by Tiamo

Do you want to give someone you love a gift that is truly original, heart-felt, and personalized? Then give them a custom love song, created by Tiamo, for any occasion including anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.



Tiamo regularly gives his signature Keynote Concerts at:

  • Personal growth seminars
  • Corporate events
  • Trainings
  • Colleges and high schools
  • Commencements
  • Conventions
  • Private VIP events

If you would like to hire Tiamo for your event, contact:

France Barringer
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If you would like to have Tiamo perform at your venue or event, call or send an email to:

France Barringer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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